How To Use A Flip Camera To Record Self Storage Testimonials

by Kenny Pratt

When you ask your customers to write a review, often they will agree, but the process is quickly out of your control.  No matter how easy you make it for them to leave the review, there is no guarantee that anything will make it online.

An alternative is to take matters into your own hands and collect testimonials and post them on your own website.   But, alas, written reviews posted on your own website or in your own literature are automatically suspect.  Wouldn’t it be better if your prospective customers could actually see the people that are behind the testimonial?   Wouldn’t it be more convincing and more intimate if the prospect could see that the person giving the review is a normal person, just like them?

A solution is to this problem is to record your customers and post the reviews online.  You get the best of both worlds.  You get to control the process, and you get a testimonial that is believable and persuasive.

7 tips to getting good video testimonials.

  1. Set the stage by figuring out where you are going to have your subject stand and from where you are going to film.  Your video will turn out best if you face you subject toward an open window and or other source of light.  On the other hand, you never want to have the light source shining from behind your customer and into the camera because their face will seem very dark as the bright light behind them overwhelms the camera.
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  3. Don’t zoom.  You want to fill the camera with your customer’s shoulders and face and this means you will have to stand fairly close.  Since it is not likely that you have a lapel microphone, you will get better sound from your flip-type camera if you stand close rather than zoom.
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  5. Use a tripod.  Steady video is easier to watch.   A tripod is not absolutely necessary, but recommended.
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  7. Limit yourself to two questions. Write the questions in big letters on a piece of paper that you hold above the camera as you film.  Having a constant reminder of the question is reassuring and will keep your customer on track.  This method of “paper prompting” also eliminates the need for you to speak from behind the camera.

    Here’s the making of a YouTube commercial  that shows the “paper prompting” technique in action.  For some reason, embedding this video is not allowed, so you’ll have to click over to YouTube to see it here: Making of The Red House Furniture Commercial .

  8. Do a dry run and shoot a couple of videos of yourself or your co-worker.  Use these practice rounds to work out the kinks.
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  10. Now that you know how to shoot the video, the next logical step is to ask your customers to help you and share their thoughts.  Surely you have customers that you have come to know because they make payments in person every month or frequently visit the property to access their storage space.  Ask them to share their experience.
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  12. Let your customer practice.  People are not used to speaking on camera. Sometimes just knowing that they can rehearse will make a reluctant person comfortable enough to give it a try.
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  14. Once you have the video captured, upload it to
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Once you upload the video to YouTube a whole universe of uses are opened to you.

  • You can embed the videos on your website or blog.  Here’s a Roseville, California Chiropractor who has used this to good effect.
  • You can email prospective customers links to the videos.
  • You can send links to the videos to your Twitter followers or post them on your Facebook Fan Page.

Here are some recommended resources

Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation, 120 Minutes (Amazon affiliate link)
Gorillapod Flexible Tripod (Amazon affiliate link)
Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business (Amazon affiliate link)

You can check out what some of my store managers did at Jordan Landing Storage

Please share in the comments. How do you think video can benefit your selling efforts?

  • Riverton Self Storage

    This is an awesome idea!  We may have to start doing this.  It sounds fun, and I love getting customers involved!

  • Ginny Sutton, TSSA

    You rock, Kenny.  Keep on flipping.

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