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  • The tips are not only useful but motivational, they are easy to implement and some are even fun to try. – Stephanie S.
  • Your info is fresh and up to date. Great job in keeping up with the times! – Debbie R.
  • I would share this information with other site managers within my own company because this information is GOOD! I wouldn’t want to share with competitors though because this information is GOOD!  – Rhonda M.
  • You tips ARE useable and work! – Rebekah C.
  • These tips are simple, helpful, and easy to implement into your daily routine. You don’t realize what a difference these subtle changes can make until you try them.  – Paula D.

All of the emphasis is that of the original author – none was added by me. But I did correct a misspelling. -kp

If I need to appeal to your rational side, here are some top reasons to join..

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  11. Each and every message gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe if you don’t like what you’re getting.  It takes maybe 15 seconds and I won’t mind a bit.
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  13. Use what you learn to outclass your competition.
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  15. Maybe your competition already subscribes.  In that case you’ll need the info just to keep up.
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  17. I promise to never share, trade, sell, deliver, reveal, publicize, or market your email address in any way, shape, or form.  Period.  Not even if someone says I look skinnier or younger or offers to mow my lawn or give me great heaps of cash.