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Bedhead Book Review: Marketing in the Age of Google

If you are a self storage owner, operator,  or executive who has responsibility for marketing your self storage location, then you should read this book. If you have a person or company that does “SEO” for you, good.  You should still check out this book because it will help you get more out of them. […]

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Bedhead Book Review – Word of Mouth Marketing

This morning my wife said I had good bedhead and I should do another book review.  How could I resist.  So, I have another book that you should know about: Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz. It looks like there is a new, revised edition and that’s why the cover looks different than the […]

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Bedhead Book Review – Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion

Don’t be intimidated by the academic sounding Title. It’s a great book that will help your self storage business. Here’s the review. You can pick up a copy on Amazon. (Affiliate Link)

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