5 Reasons Aggregators Are Bad For The Self Storage Industry

An off-topic, but important post. I may not agree with Randy Smith on everything, but I think we should all rally around the movement he is creating to abandon the online lead aggregators. His arguments against the aggregators are sound. Here are a few reasons I’m throwing my public support behind the movement to abandon the self […]

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Radio Silence

At some point I’m going to write a post called something like… “Silence is the Greatest Negotiating Tactic Ever Created” …and I hope it will be awesome enough that you’ll want to email it to your friends and print it out and look at it lovingly on your desk. But today is not that day. […]

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Recently Published In Three Places

The more I’ve been publishing online, the more traditional publishers have asked me to write for them.  So… I wrote a kick-butt article about making the most of online reviews and testimonials that was published in the May 2010 issue of the Ministorage Messenger.  Although the Ministorage Messenger charges for their back issues, they let […]

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