Self Storage Sales Tweak: Confirm Your Appointments

by Kenny Pratt

I call it a tweak because it’s just the slightest shift in the way you do things.  But sometimes just a little tweak makes a world of difference when you are selling

So here’s the recommendation: Start Confirming Appointments

You should be inviting prospects to rent from you in a way that leads to an appointment.   The more effective you are at selling, the more often you succeed and the temptation is to think you are done.

You are not done.

Even when you have an appointment, stop expecting your prospect to keep it without any help from you.  The act of reminding your prospective customer about the commitment they made to meet with you is an act of service.  They have a ton going on in their life, and your cheerful reminder helps them.

You benefit because by confirming the appointment to rent your self storage space because:

  • You are less likely to lose the prospect to a competitor
  • You are less likely to be left waiting around when you could have been doing something productive or enjoyable (like eating your lunch).
  • You are more likely to have the opportunity to reschedule with the prospect in the event they can’t make the original appointment time.
  • You are able to deliver superior service because you are more likely to be ready and available to help them when they come to your location.

This is a no-brainer.  It is more effective to confirm appointments than to sit back and hope that they will happen according to plan.   Confirming an appointment is also socially acceptable and in some cases it is expected.

Your doctor and your dentist call you to confirm the appointments you have with them. You should do the same.

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