Create More Leaders – Yeah You.

by Kenny Pratt

A leader’s job is to create more leaders, not more followers.

Are you preparing your store managers for their next job? You know, the one that has even more responsibility and pays better than the job they are currently doing. Are you helping them grow?

Most of them are not going to be with you forever. Don’t you think they will be more engaged if you are helping them move forward?

Sure, you could just stay out of it.

Not do anything to hold them back, but not really do anything to move them forward either. The first does nothing and the second fosters enthusiasm, engagement, and loyalty.

What do you choose, and why?

  • Kevin

    Hey Kenny,

    Great post. I had never thought about it, but reflecting on my past employement, I have never been engaged to move up or forward. I had to take the chance on my own. I think work would have been a lot more enjoyable if someone had worked to promote me or my abilities.

    I am looking to hire a virtual assistant right now and will take this advise and work to improve the person I hire.

    Thanks for the great bits of wisdom.

    To your success,


  • Leonie

    Exceptional !

    you have put into words exactly my thoughts and feelings on my last day of employment in the self storage industry.

    I have enjoyed your words of wisdom and advice immensly – my only friend in the industry. Working away in my “dungeon” by myself – not seeing another member of staff for weeks on end let alone my employer. I managed to increase profit from $200,000 a year to $900,000 but received no assistance, training or encouragement. not even basiic items of equipment like a printer.

    My acheivemements are my own – your words of wisdom where a god send.

    Keep up the good work- people like me need you !

  • Kenny Pratt

    Wow. Nice work. Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. You have given me a gift – It raises my spirit to think that I had a positive impact on your life. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  • Breakfastbear1

    This is a very good post i fowared a copy of your self storage guide to twitter to my superviser with a note simply saying ” I want to do more! let’s find away” she responded she is never going to turn down an excited helper well we will see i want to take over twittering for all 12 of our storage depots I am new to storage but ownend a diner and always enguraged my employs to learn other jobs I had HS kids that started out as dishwashers and befor grad. they where grill cooks and some still work in the field

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