One Thing Every Employee Wants, But No One Wants To Ask For

by Kenny Pratt

Everyone wants to know where they stand, don’t you agree?

Your employees would love to have more feedback, but its unfair to expect them to regularly ask for it.  Regularly asking for feedback makes you sound needy and insecure, and nobody is going to risk sounding needy.

Not only are you not giving feedback enough, but when you attempt to give feedback you may be missing out on its full benefit because you are using an outdated approach, like the sandwich method (mentioning first something positive, then the negative or criticism, concluded with a final positive).

So let me point you to this gem that changed my entire approach to feedback and improved my effectiveness 150%.  I now give feedback much more regularly.  My staff appreciates hearing about the good things they are doing on a regular basis, and when asking them to adjust their behavior, I no longer feel awkward or emotionally wound up.

These ideas aren’t mine, but rather I’m pointing you to an awesome resource created by  Mark and Mike at Manager Tools.   These are audio podcasts you can listen to on you computer or download (for free) to your MP3 player of choice.   I’m sure you will be glad you did.

Feedback Part 1

Feedback Part 2

Feedback Part 3

P.S. Here’s a pro tip… I highly recommend all of the podcasts in their “basics” series, they are all worth listening to.

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