Why Some People Hated My Presentation At ISS

by Kenny Pratt

I haven’t seen the speaker evaluation data yet, but I’m 100% sure there are some people who thought my presentation last week at ISS in Las Vegas was a waste of time.

Here’s why.

Because I didn’t conclude every point with a step-by-step plan for what they should do tomorrow that is guaranteed to work with no additional thought.

Step-by-step is great for solving simple, straightforward, or linear problems.  But when you get into the deeper, more interesting, dare I say expert stuff, the more step-by-step let’s you down.

That’s why sales scripts, strictly adhered to, don’t work.

That’s why my self storage follow up workshop includes workbooks that help participants think through (for themselves) how they will implement the ideas in the workshop.

So often we read books, attend conferences, or read blog posts and then move on. Consume, consume, consume, but never really think hard about how to execute. Or what we just read means to us or our businesses.

It’s like standing in the shower and letting the water wash over you but never grabbing the soap or lathering up your head with shampoo. Sure, some of the stink will come off, but you won’t be happy with the results.

Would you be better off with more thinking, more experimenting, more practicing, more acting, and less consuming?

If you are a leader, how are you going to help your employees and coworkers engage with good ideas and adopt best practices?

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