Bedhead Book Review: Marketing in the Age of Google

by Kenny Pratt

If you are a self storage owner, operator,  or executive who has responsibility for marketing your self storage location, then you should read this book.

If you have a person or company that does “SEO” for you, good.  You should still check out this book because it will help you get more out of them.  Here’s my review:

Grab the book on Amazon (aff link): Marketing in the Age of Google

  • Gabriella Hurtado

    Aloha Kenny,
    Thank you for all the ideas and the emails. They are very helpful, I have so much to learn from you. Also, thank you for the Kendle, now I can order the book on my e-book reader.

  • Paul Reynolds

    Thanks for this tip. even in mid size city in rural British Columbia getting leads is all about search and traffic. Next year it will be mobile search taking the lead. Either way SEO rules and thriving requires search results. Thank for book recommendation which i have reserved from our local library.

  • Paul Reynolds

    our public library in Vancouver BC sent me to their electronic version (for free). This allowed me to use search to find chapters and sections of immediate interest to me and my self storage business, , The book also has hyperlinks so as I read can jump to examples or other sections on a topic or mention which grabs me. I can confirm that this a great book. What strikes me as terrific are her real world examples of how to use Google right now and her use of Google’s published research with screen shot illustrations. Really enjoying this.

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