How To Talk About Climate Controlled Storage (So People Understand)

by Kenny Pratt

Have you ever heard a regular person, (i.e. not in the storage industry), ever describe anything as “climate controlled”?

Yeah, me neither.

Rather than asking prospective customers if they would prefer “a space that is climate controlled or non-climate…” ask them, “are you looking for  a space that is more like a garage, or would you prefer something that is more like a spare bedroom”.

Rather than using jargon, build on what people are already familiar with (like garages and spare bedrooms) and you’ll communicate more effectively and have an easier time selling.

Maybe you can improve on this… How would you describe these two types of spaces?

P.S. If you are going to the ISS conference in Las Vegas in March, 2011 shoot me an email. I’d love to catch up with you there. I’ll be there Monday evening and most of the day on Tuesday.

If you’re interested you can also see me present live on Tuesday, March 15th at 9:00 am. I’ll be outlining my contrarian approach to “Motivating Manager’s to Sell.”

  • Darlene McDonagh

    Hi Kenny,
    I am from Vancouver Island BC and I am the assistant manager for U-Lock Mini Storage in Nanaimo. I think you may be an acquaintance of the executive assistant Andrew Hutchinson he passed along your guide for Twitter. Anyway I will be at the ISS conference in Las Vegas, hopefully we will be able to meet. I think you have a lot of interesting ideas, that I try to share with our team.
    Hope to see you in Vegas!!



  • Silvia Pendleton

    You’re so right about the jargon! I use the bedroom or garage analogy when trying to help a customer visualize the size of a unit. But it can also help them understand the temperature side of the equation. Great idea, Kenny! Thanks for sharing.

  • Don Russell

    Descriptions are the best way to sell. Instead of a 10×20, call it a one car garage or instead of a 10×14 call it a medium size bedroom. As far as the term “climate controlled”, we stress “honest to goodness air conditioned dehumidified storage” and explain that other terms have endless meanings like cealing fans and vent systems or even open doors and windows. Tell them what you are selling in visual self explanatory terms.

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