5 Ways To Keep Your Property Manager’s Eyes From Glazing Over

by Kenny Pratt

You talk too much.

As a boss, or supervisor, or property owner It is easy to fall into the role of Head Honcho Explainer. You often want your people to do something new or to do an old thing in a more effective way, so you explain it to them. I know. I do it all the time.

The problem is that explaining all by itself is pretty ineffective at helping your people actually do what you want them to do. It is often a necessary first step, but the temptation is to Explain and then move on. (Explain with a capital E as in: Now That It Has Been Explained, Everything Should Work Smoothly.)

Next time, when you finish Explaining, consider adding on some of the following…

  1. Ask your self storage property manager to teach the concept back to you. Or, even better, ask them to explain the ideas to a coworker while you listen in.
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  3. Illustrate your point with a story your property manager can relate to. Maybe a story about someone else who has been successful doing what you are suggesting, or a story that illustrates the consequences of not making a necessary change. For more about management storytelling as part of a sales culture click here.
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  5. You employ smart people. Engage their intellect and ask them to suggest ways to improve on the ideas you have shared with them.
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  7. Ask them to practice the skill with you. There’s no better way to help them progress toward mastery.
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  9. Don’t have time to practice? Or you think it would be too uncomfortable? Then set a time to get together again so that your property manager can demonstrate his or her mastery.

So how would you improve on these ideas?

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