Self Storage Managers Make Rent Increases Work

by Kenny Pratt

This one goes out to amazing on-site property managers everywhere….

Your corporate office, or boss, or the owner of the property you work at might decide it is time to raise rental rates (either to some of your existing customers or by increasing the asking rates for prospective customers).

They may dictate the rate increases, but you are uniquely positioned to make rate increases worth it.

When it comes to prospective customers…You control the customer experience. You are the one who extends empathy. You are the one who makes the prospective customer feel comfortable storing at your location regardless of the cost.

When it comes to your current customers… You are the one who gives reasons for the rent increase. You, and the the most skilled of your peers, are the ones who are able to smooth things over with your customers. You are the one who can make sure that your customers are so satisfied with their experience that a small rent increase is hardly noticed.

Give yourself credit, you’re more powerful than you think.

P.S. If your boss forwards this to you, please take it as a compliment. It means he or she believes you are capable of making good things happen.

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