Goals and Resolutions Are Nothing Without Communication

by Kenny Pratt

It’s January and everyone is setting goals and resolutions.  You probably have budgets and financial targets for your self storage locations.  Am I right?

Two Parts

Setting the specific objective is only the first part.  Clearly communicating the objective and why its important to everyone who is involved in making it happen is the second.

I sometimes don’t do as well communicating with my part time staff members.  At other times I do well at sharing the objective, but fall short in explaining why it is important or why the people on my team should care.

Here’s a Quick Checklist

What is the specific revenue goal for this month?

What is the specific delinquency goal for this month?

What is the merchandise sales goal for this month?

What is your tenant insurance conversion percentage goal for this month?

What other performance areas need the focus of a specific goal?

Does Everyone Involved Know The Goal? Do They Care?

I find that over-communicating never happens (it’s always the other way around).

How about you?

You’ll do better if you have both the goal and the communication done well, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Bayassa

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