12 Things I’m Doing With Social Media In 2012

by Kenny Pratt

Here’s a quick peek at what I’ll be up to social-media-wise in 2012.

    1.  Driving massive (by storage standards) customer reviews to Google Places.
    2. Getting more  of my stores and/or markets on Twitter (it’s not the biggest social network, but it’s the easiest to start with).
    3. Getting smart phones into the hands of my store managers.  Smartphones = Social Media Weapons.
    4. Creating at least 2  community events for each of my locations/markets that are awesome enough to get the community talking (online and offline).
    5. Training my store managers on the basics of  “how to do social media for business” so that they can experiment without fear.
    6. Creating more robust social media guidelines for my company and employees.
    7. Having my managers attend (maybe even host) tweetups and other events that allow them to meet virtual contacts in real life.
    8. Doing more with video (video testimonials, video tours, videos of my managers, videos of our referral partners, etc.)
    9. Experimenting with Facebook advertising.
    10. More experimenting with tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social to better scale my social media experiments.
    11. Creating and managing to an editorial calendar.
    12. More connecting with local bloggers.

For the bonus round, here are are few social-media-ish things I’ll be doing with SellingStorage.com in 2012

    1. At least 40 SellingStorage blog posts are going up (this is number 3).
    2. Putting my follow up workshop on sale for a couple days next week to help you start 2012 with a BANG.
    3. Figuring out a legitimate reason to have the SellingStorage Facebook page or I’m shutting it off.
    4. Guest posting on other blogs (at least 5 posts).
    5. Continue #StorChat.
    6. Speaking at ISS in Las Vegas on Social Media Marketing.

What are you up to this year?  What do you think I missing?

Photo credit: Cappellmeister 

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