How To Side Step Follow Up Road Blocks Without Breaking A Sweat

by Kenny Pratt

We all know that effective follow up gets more self storage rentals.

But sometimes even when you are on top of your game road blocks crop up. Like when the only person who answers the number you have for your prospective customer is a mom, sister, husband, or roommate.

The key here is to transform your conversations with the mother (or whoever answers the phone) from unproductive to productive by obtaining other ways of contacting the prospective customer.

For example, each time you are unsuccessful at reaching the prospect you should use that as an opportunity to ask for a mobile number, a work number, or an email address. If you want to build in some urgency to your request you could do that by saying something like, “I offered your daughter a special rate and I would like to make sure she doesn’t miss out. Do you have her cell phone number?” Then you pause and wait for the mom to answer. There might be a moment of awkward silence, but that is good because it tells the mom that it is her turn to talk and puts subtle pressure on her to give you the number.

If she refuses to give you the cell phone number or makes an excuse like, “I don’t have her number,” or “She doesn’t have a cell phone,” then you can follow up with a request for an email address. The whole interaction might sound something like this:

Hi, is Sheila in?

No, Sheila’s not home right now. (You recognize the voice as the same person who has told you Sheila’s not home two or three times already.)

Oh, Ok.  This is Kenny from Super Safe Fortress Storage.  I’ve called a couple of times, but it seems I keep missing her.  She inquired about a storage space and I quoted her a special price.  I don’t want her to miss out.  Maybe her cell phone would be a better?

Yes, her cell phone might be better.

Yeah, I agree.  What is her cell number and I’ll try her there?  (You stop talking and wait)

Um, it’s 555-1212.

Great.  I’ll try here there.  Thanks.

Ok, I’ll let her know you called again.

Thanks, Bye.

If you only have one way to reach your prospective customer and it’s not getting you anywhere, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and try to open up a second or third channel of communication. Do you have other ways of dealing with follow up roadblocks?

Photo Credit: Sarah G.

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